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Amid the tufts of trees on the outskirts of Davidson, NC, lies a fairy tale place called Mintville. Here, a cohesive community of people from all walks of life weave their talents, beliefs, and philosophies into a utopian society where all are equal no one has authority over another. However different, their spirits are delightfully dandy. Their dress and demeanor are dapper. Abundantly filled with a sense of worth and pride, the beautiful citizens of Mintville make their own Mintworth products and support one another in their endeavors. 

Right now, they are allowing the world to take a sneak peek at what they have to offer with seven Mintworth lip balm flavors for you to try. It would delight them so if you would open the cap, breathe in their essence, and apply smoothly to your lips. Once you embrace their lip balms, what next may they release for you to partake? Hmm, stay tuned. You never know. In the meantime

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